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2022 Regional Winner

22 March 2022 Dear Friends and Guests We are delighted to pass on some great news which we have just received. Thanks to your support and votes in the Practical Caravan Top 100 annual survey we are proud to announce…

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2022 Opening Schedule

We are so looking forward to the proper start of the new season. While we are open all year for our central heated accommodations it is always nice to see the Tourers, Motorhomes, Camper-vans and Tents return to our site.…

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The Ultimate Caravan Cookbook
The Ultimate Caravan Cookbook

The Ultimate Caravan Cookbook: Free eBook Download

New free cooking eBook for UK caravan enthusiasts

  • 80% of caravan and camping enthusiasts make their own food: Towergate Insurance have created their ultimate cookbook guide
  • 100+ caravanners and campers responded with their favourite store cupboard ingredients and average camping budgets to inform the free cookbook

A free new cooking eBook combines the expertise of a professional cook and food stylist, with the responses of over 100 camping and caravan enthusiasts, to create the ultimate recipe guide for those preparing for a caravan trip this year.

The downloadable recipe book includes 20 delicious recipes, with five dishes for each category of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweet treats. All of which can easily be created with minimal equipment.

Created by Towergate Insurance, a leading UK caravan insurance provider, it considers that most of those on a caravan staycation, go with their friends (27%), family (53%), or partner (57%), and therefore want to make good food with as little fuss as possible. Space and equipment can be restricted, so having simple, attractive, and tasty recipes were important in putting it together.

While almost 10% of survey respondents said they purchase ready-made food, and another 10% saying they normally eat out at local restaurants, the vast majority (80%) make their own food.

It was also found that 79% are more aware of the health and nutrition of the food they consume when living at home, highlighting the need for tempting but balanced dishes when on holiday. Fortunately, however, over 92% consider food wastage and sustainability when camping, showing the green-conscious attitude of campers and the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Pippa Leon, the freelance food stylist and recipe writer who created the dishes, said: “You may love caravan cooking or maybe cooking on the move is a new experience for you, either way, there is something here for you. Everything has been kept as simple as possible and the recipes use as little equipment as possible. Some use only the hob, a few use only the oven and a couple use both.”

Towergate spokesperson Adam Summersby said: “For so many of our customers, camping and caravanning is a huge part of their lifestyle, with almost 50% going at least once every month, so having a comprehensive cooking guide for those trips and expanding their meal options from readily available ingredients will be so helpful in creating a calm, stress-free camping environment during their valuable leisure time.”

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