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Environment Award Holiday Park

David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award

Since 2005 Silver Sands Holiday Park has gained the coveted David Bellamy Gold Award; granted in recognition of the park’s commitment to the preservation of the natural environment here in Cornwall. In 2016, we earned a special badge for Wildflower Habitat.  In 2018, we added another badge for Hedge Habitat.

We will continue to strive to make Silver Sands Holiday park a perfect get-a-way place for our guests in a tranquil setting, and a wonderfully safe place for children to enjoy friendship and nature during the school holiday.

We encourage wildlife such as bats, badgers etc by use of low-level solar lighting around the park and allowing hedges to go undisturbed during the nesting season. Also many of our plants are specifically friendly to moths, butterflies and other insects.

As an organisation we look to protect the environment as far as is reasonably practicable. We provide recycling facilities for glass, metal, card, paper and plastic. We also ask our guests to use non-biological chemicals including toilet fluid in their caravans and camper vans (i.e. Aqua Green).

We look to operate to Green standards without compromising the standard for our guests.

David Bellamy Conservation Awards - Gold

We look to be responsible users of our environment and resources for many reasons

  • To comply with legislation. Without doing this we could not continue to exist
  • To ensure a pleasant environment for our guests
  • To maintain the local environment that makes the Lizard area so special
  • To lower outgoings

Some of the activities in which we indulge to do this include

  • Solar lights to enable guests to see the night sky and long life lamps
  • Recycling not only the items stated above but also old bedding & bed linen
  • Support local businesses by purchasing through them as far as possible
  • We use local staff

We are always willing to look at other ways to be environmentally friendly and investigate environmental audits as well as performing our own audit.

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